What People are Saying about Paige's Swim School

"My daughter took lessons from you three years ago. When we finished lessons she was swimming like a tiny little fish (she was three at the time). I just wanted to let you know she still loves swimming and has been competing with her sister on the Eldorado Sharks swim team (McKinney) for the last three summers (started at 4 years and is now swimming as a six year old). This summer she has taken first place in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly in all of her swim meets. She will be competing in the DASA Allstar meet tomorrow and we are so proud of her. Thank you for making her initial swim experience so positive! Your method of teaching was so effective and inspiring for her!!! I think of you often in the summer as She is competing and thought you would enjoy an update on her swim progress. Thanks for being such a great swim instructor."

"My son Alex never loved swimming until he came to Paige, so for that I am really grateful. We are moving out of state and won't be continuing classes this summer. We love Paige's Swim School and will miss it lots! Hope we can find a swim school as great in Iowa! :)"

"Hi Ms. Paige! I just wanted to give you an update on Nathan and Matthew and their most recent swim achievements. We started summer swim team the first of June, and the boys have participated in 2 swim meets already this year. This time of year, I am filled with emotion, because 5 years ago during a time when my health failed Nathan also failed at swimming as he dropped from being in the best class to the worst and told by instructors that he was a poor swimmer. For quite some time after that, he left feeling discouraged, doubtful, and fearful of the water. He was embarrassed to even go to pool parties with friends or family because of this. Slowly over time, and with encouragement and proper intervention by teachers (like you!), he learned he could overcome this and succeed! You were such a key role in this area in his life and I am forever thankful! He doesn’t swim year round like most of the kids that he competes against, yet he works hard during practices and asks questions and implements new strategies to continually improve! This year, he has improved his overall times in freestyle, breast, and back. He even completed his 100 IM (4 different strokes) in less than 2 minutes!! His diving has even improved. He has been asked on a couple of occasions if he swims “club”, and that he should because he’s a good swimmer! Because of his improvement, he has also encouraged Matthew, who completed his first IM (took him 3:45, but he did it!). I’m just so amazed. I wanted to share that with you and send a pic of Nathan. I have others, but I’ll refrain… Take care. Maybe Bennett and I will see you one day! He is almost 11 months old and loving the water!"

"Having recently moved to Texas from Pennsylvania, I am embarrassed to say that my 6 year old didn’t know how to swim. In PA, most people don’t have pools because the swimming season is so short. Community pools (few and far between) are packed because nobody has their own pool. My son never showed significant interest, so I rarely took him to the pool and only enrolled him for beginner lessons at the local HS right before we moved. When we arrived in Dallas at the beginning of May, I immediately knew we were behind the 8 ball… The testimonials on her website were encouraging and as it turns out, all true. She is amazing. She is a miracle worker. She is the only person who will teach my son to swim from now on." -Excerpt from review by Holly Homer, Kids Activities Blog

"Hi Miss Paige… Our boys take swim lessons from you every Wednesday. I just wanted to personally say thank you for helping them. Our oldest had a bad swimming experience which was multifactorial and he didn’t want to take lessons again when I enrolled him at your school. But he agreed, and after just a few lessons, he told us the other day that his favorite sport has become swimming! I was a bit shocked! He really benefits from your teaching style… firm, yet patient and gentle, and encouraging. I really think he strives to impress you as he improves his skills! Anyway, just thought I would share! See you Wednesday… Thanks again" – Bud and Jill L.

"My 6 year old daughter is rather slow to warm up to teachers and hard-headed, too. When she arrived for her first lesson, she was afraid to get in the water. Mrs. Paige did an incredible job with her and honestly deserved an award for her patience with her. After a few short weeks, my daughter was swimming, going underwater and having lots of fun!" – Debbie A.

"Thank you for working with Brycen! He has learned so much from you and truly Loves you." – Erica

"Paige has been blessed with a gift of teaching special needs children how to swim. My son was affraid of being in the water, but with Paige, all the fears went away quickly as he learned to swim with her. Thank you." – Damaris M

"I am so impressed with the progress my daughter is making and fun the kids have with Paige." – Cindy W

"Paige is awesome. You are the greatest" – Jennifer P

"Due to the fact that I have a special needs child, I needed an instructor that was willing to work with my child and work with her issues. Personalized attention to my child" – Pasanthi K

"The attention that Paige gives to the students and her innate ability to bond with children, she is an excellent teacher" – Liz H

"Paige takes time during class to help each child individually with their strokes, kicks and breathing. She is incredibly patient and explains things in a way the kids understand. She also makes the classes fun and the kids can’t wait to go back." – Minette R

"Miss Paige, thank you so much for teaching my daughter all that you did in swim lessons. She talks about you all the time. I have to be "Miss Paige" when we swim now! She asks almost everyday if she can come to see you. Needless to say, she thinks you’re wonderful! Thanks again." – Barbara S

"I am a 56 year old woman who was terrified of the water until Paige patiently taught me that water was not to be feared but embraced. She has opened the door to new possibilities for the second part of my life. Not only is she good with the young, she also excels in teaching the baby boomers and seniors that it is never too late to learn to swim. This not only introduces us to a new sport, it has an element of much needed therapy for those struggling with senior ailments such as arthritis. This is in addition to life lessons such as confidence, safety, and health through a love of exercise. Paige has an obvious passion for teaching swimming. It shows in her instructional techniques and her attention to detail. Each client is taken at his/her own pace. This helps them to develop trust in her which is paramount to the learning to swim experience. I would highly recommend Paige’s Swim School to anyone desiring to make healthy and exciting changes in their lives.

Thank you Paige for my new lease on life." – Cheryl M

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